The prodigy that is Taranpreet Singh

The prodigy that is Taranpreet Singh

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Sixteen year old Taranpreet Singh began his journey of serving the weak and the marginalised section of the society with this very idea in his mind and a vision of an immaculate world. He was unaware of the resilient entrepreneur that resided inside him until his perseverance paid off: the entire world acknowledged his mettle in business development of entrepreneurial ventures.

Singh started working for the emancipation of the disabled with his NGO, We For The People. The NGO was expanded to more than 2 cities of India and directly impacted the lives of more than 2000 people with donations of more than $10,000 in a period of over 2 and a half years.  He went on to pursue his graduation from NSIT, one of the most reputed technical college of India owing to his  belief that technology is the only way to reach the biggest chunk of underprivileged section in a more efficient way. Thereon, he directed his efforts towards the field of education and founded Ecounsellors, an ed-tech startup providing on-demand advice by bridging the gap between mentors and mentees in the verticals of higher education. Simultaneously, he worked with a college mate, Vikram Singh and co-developed a solar e-rickshaw as a plausible, sustainable replacement to the e-rickshaws in the city, hence saving a significant amount of electricity. Thus he founded Strike Motors,  a venture dedicated to build smart vehicles using clean energy and is currently building on the same with a vision to bring a revolution of sustainable transportation using clean energy.

His dedication and self-less hard work has not gone unnoticed. Singh, now in the third year of his college education, has been selected at various premier organizations of the world for reputed programmes in entrepreneurship and innovation. He was selected at Berkeley method of Entrepreneurship, Bootcamp along with 50 entrepreneurs around the world for his work in entrepreneurship. He was also chosen at Drapers University, San Diego, California for the Entrepreneurship Programme in 2017. Watson University, Colorado, USA also invited him among 25 scholars from across the world for mentorship in social entrepreneurship. Most recently, he has been selected as a delegate to Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) at United Nations (UNESCAP Headquarters, Bangkok) and will be there among other great leaders as his fellow creators to find solutions to some of the world’s biggest social problems. He is backed by the organisation with 40% scholarship and is raising some funds to meet the other expenses. The link for the same is provided at the end of this article.

Taranpreet has had his fair share of trials, but despite the disability of his eye and his financial constraints, or maybe because of them, his vision stands clear in front of him. He is determined to consistently fight for a better world- where women are safe, where people do not have to strive against hunger, where we move along with sustainable development, where education is provided to all and where each one of the 7 billion is blessed with good health.

We wish immense luck to our fellow college mate, and hope to see him achieve great heights at the UN APYE meet in Bangkok!



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