NSIT and Wifi : The Untold Lovestory

NSIT and Wifi : The Untold Lovestory

  1. Dear Diary

After the upgraded syllabus and the choice-based credit system, here comes another remarkable moment for us NSITians. Our college finally joins the ‘prestigious’ list of colleges which can boast of having its own *Drumrooooollll* WiFi.

This was quite an unprecedented move which left many conjecturing it’ll be just another sham- all thanks to the splendid reputation that the Admin has built over the years. But no, things have changed; times have changed. 50 Mbps download speed was something that wasn’t expected even slightly in this jungle of ours. What once seemed to be a dream is now a reality. All those letters, the RTI applications and the highly infamous ‘No WiFi’ trolls have finally bore some fruit. The coverage is decent; 85% of the campus has been covered, while the BH inhabitants are underprivileged as usual.

Now that the WiFi has been installed, the reasons for which there was this huge outcry since a long time have come to light. Downloading movies seems to be number one priority. Sure, the torrent sites have been disabled but still there are tons of other options. Social media comes second, which has given students an alternative to dozing off while attending a tedious lecture of some cranky old professor. This is not a surprise, everyone knew right from the beginning that there’ll hardly be any productive use of this facility.

Yet this was quite the need of the hour, and this moment is surely going down the pages of history for being one of the few tasks accomplished by the college administration. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see how the WiFi works out in the coming days. Maybe the college is going to see a reliable source of internet in the foreseeable future. Maybe we won’t have to rely on free JIO data anymore.

Until next time.