Hostilities of a hostel

Hostilities of a hostel

Dear diary,

Safe to say, it has been an intriguingly delightful first week at Ramanujan Hostel, completely riddled with the most unique of things. Alas, looks like I can FINALLY strike “Get peeped at by random strangers after midnight, while sleeping” off my bucket list, was a tough one to get rid of though, diary.


We all have heard of the infamous mess food, diary. Be it colleges in the East, West, North or South, we are all united by one thing – horrible mess food. It’s only logical, that when you eat something horrible, the output must also be atrocious – explaining the perfectly squeaky clean washrooms with blissful aromatics. But, waaaaait, to go to the washrooms, you would have to leave your room. You see, my fellow hostellers are extremely cautious regarding safety, and uphold the highest standards of security; hence, they love to latch the doors from outside, and what’s better? No one takes credit for their great work! Two latches are better than one, right?


Also diary, some extremely hardworking students have volunteered for night guard duty. Their job description broadly encompasses analysis of vulnerable targets, banging the door of that respective room, and immediately sprinting away faster than Bolt. Sigh, only if the world was as selfless as these heroes, bringing the peasants that do something as petty as sleep back to their senses.

Even though we have Spiderman’s army in the bathrooms, mess food that is ….., the imposing curfews; all of these aspects turn out to be secondary, and somehow become tolerable for that amazing peer group you find in the boundary of the hostel walls. And I completely forgot to… BRB, have to call my friend and tell him to unlatch my door. Bloody |Chaadar|.

Until next time.