Ek engineer ka suffer.

Ek engineer ka suffer.

Dear Diary

When end sems ended a few weeks ago, one thing I was satisfied about was (definitely not how the exams were) the month long vacation that awaited me. I had my socks pulled up for all the plans I had made for this one month. Having packed up my hostel room, and my Uber waiting downstairs, I blew one good bye kiss to this campus-for we were to see each other after a long month of fun and well, sleep! Little did I know that there’d be neither a ‘long month’ nor ‘sleep’.

The vacations started out on the perfect note-sleep, eat, watch TBBT, repeat. I was having the time of my life when one buzz from my phone told me I had training sessions in college. There ensued the everyday travel in the metro for hours at an end, grueling all day sessions, and getting home after dark-tired for the life of me! Inundated with homework from the training, school friends’ guilt trips for cancelling on hang-outs, and the pressure of following through with all my plans, I realised that “Ek engineer ka suffer” never ends.

That said, the vacations were still fun. Hanging out in the nescii with steaming lattes and crispy samosas made going to college during vacations worthwhile. Though I thoroughly failed in “wake up at 7; go for run”, all that gajar halwa proved to be worth the extra pounds. Plus, to be fair, I watched two complete videos on cardio exercises! That has to count for something, right? No? Ok.

The one thing I was relieved about was my decision to not enroll in coding classes (and deciding to do it online, haha) Imagine waking up before 11 in the morning to actually go to a class! I did start an online course, but all those questions for signing up were just TOO much pressure! That was the end of that endeavor.

One thing that was well established was that wanting a thriving social life is nothing but being ambitious. The most that you are allowed is sharing memes on WhatsApp groups. I managed to squeeze in one day to meet my school friends, and that day would go down in history as the day I chose going out over sleeping in.

All in all, this vacation went by too quickly-much more than I had expected. There are still TV series left un-watched, books left unread, hang outs left unplanned, computer languages left unstudied, and work outs left undone. But hey, isn’t that the eternal truth?

Until next time Diary,

Ek Engineer.