Aao sikhaye tumhe college ka funda!

Aao sikhaye tumhe college ka funda!




The end sem is history and god knows results will be a mystery. And cometh the holiday cometh boredom. Another thing that I cant really fathom is how fast our first semester ended, time does fly.

First sem khatam..?! Itni jaldi..!! Abhi to books ke panne palatna shuru kiya tha“.

So for all those wondering humne poore semester kya hi kiya?? Crosslinks brings to you their new series, ‘Aao Sikhaye Tumhe College Ka Funda’. So here goes our first entry.

Dear Diary,

A new beginning

Sitting in the nesci lawn and watching ashwamedh’s practice, it suddenly struck me that the transformation our life has witnessed in a couple of months was tremendous. From running in the rat race , slogging off the last year of high school in coachings like lifeless machines, to being over enthusiastic fucche, life had certainly changed for the best.

It all began one fine day in the first week of august. My mind was battling among a range of emotions. We all had an idea of what college life would be like courtesy the Indian television and my elder siblings who had there fun making me anxious about the first day in college. The thought of making new friends, discovering new places, eating at canteens, bunking classes and roaming carelessly gave a sense of comfort but the fear of ragging and not being noticed overpowered everything , diluting my joy, so much so that I begged  my parents not to drop me off so as to not  draw any unwanted attention and decided to brave the rush hour traffic of Rajiv Chowk on my own for the very first time. However the events that occurred after my entry through the North Gate made me realise, that for better or worse, NSIT is definitely not your typica engineeringl college.

Firstly, I saw boys and girls being dropped off at the admin by their entire family, a site akin to the departure of a domestic airport. The second blow came when I went to my first class, expecting a lecture hall, only to find classrooms that reminded me of my mock test centres (but at least the fans were working). We thought  it couldn’t get any worse but it did when we found out DTU had A/C classroom. Sigh! Then entered a large group of seniors who closed the doors to the classroom. What followed was pin-drop silence from us new freshmen. Oh My God its happening, we all thought we’re going to get ragged.

But what followed is, in my opinion, the USP of this college. Forget about ragging, they had come to introduce us to the college culture, to acquaint us with societies, to encourage us to explore and to enjoy the college life that lay ahead. That moment onwards, everything started falling into place. Friendships were formed based on who goes home by which means of transport and who would want to roam around the campus rather than chilling in the canteen. I didn’t know if these friendships of convenience would last, but I was too excited about the freshers after hearing about it from the seniors, to ponder over anything else. Clicking selfies on the 6th Block Terrace with my new formed group, I figured life would be a simple matter of making one practical choice at a time. Good god… its embarrassing thinking of how naïve I was. If only I knew what was to come.